What the LinkedIn Headshot Says About You

First impressions matter. What does your LinkedIn profile say about you?

Whether you’re trying to attract the attention of recruiters in your field, position yourself as a rising star in your industry, or garner the admiration of a thought leader, you want your LinkedIn page to instantly grab their attention.

Few things can do this better than having a truly powerful LinkedIn headshot.

Your LinkedIn headshot photo is going to be the first thing many people look at when visiting your profile.  Based on the rule of first impressions, they are going to instantly jump to conclusions about you.

Will they see you as a leader, or a follower?  Will they think you’re a will-be, wannabe, or never-will?

While you should never judge a book by its cover, this is, after all, the world of viral media, and the first 3 seconds make the biggest impression. Therefore, the right LinkedIn headshot can greatly influence those assumptions. Will they, or won’t they? (Remain engaged in your profile or move on to the next in a flooded channel that is.)

Creating a LinkedIn Headshot that Makes a Great Impression

1 – Dress for success

As the saying goes, dress for the job you want rather than the job you have.  If you want to be taken seriously in business, never include a “civilian” LinkedIn photo in your profile.  Dress like you’re interviewing for your dream job and how you would walk those halls.  This also includes your own personal grooming.  Your hair, beard, makeup, accessories – whatever constitutes your look should be impeccable. Don’t be anything but yourself, but do consider how your attire and personal choices will impact those you’re trying to impress in the industry.

2 – Appropriate setting

How many times have you seen a LinkedIn profile photo that was clearly taken at a bar or a park or somewhere else that has nothing to do with business?  They’re not fooling anyone.  No matter how much they crop the photo, a bar is clearly a bar (and unless you’re a photoshop guru, a significant other’s arm around your shoulder or strands of hair will always give it away.) Your LinkedIn headshot photo should always have an appropriate backdrop or be set on a white or solid background. Colleagues can drive to scenic vistas, they don’t need their eyes to wander beyond your headshot. Make sure they are focused on you.

3 – Got Glasses?

There are pros and cons to leaving your glasses on, however if you wear glasses you should have at least a handful of good shots with them on your face. While glasses tend to give off unwanted glare in photography, professionals can edit images and adjust lightening to remove any imperfections. That said, if you’re an individual who wears glasses regularly (and thus, have made them part of your style,) we suggest leaving them on to get a true picture of who you are.

4 – Hire a professional for your LinkedIn headshot

To get a truly great LinkedIn headshot, let the professionals doing all the work.  Professional corporate photographers understand the subtle nuances of staging and lighting, to accentuate your best facial features.  They will also be well versed in photo editing software to correct any imperfections that could hinder the perfect, most professionalheadshots. Corporate photographers can give you insight into industry trends for headshots, conference room and team photos, as well as help you think outside of the box to create a look and feel that reflects who you are as a professional, and the company you want to represent.

J & S Photography services the Greater Boston area and shoots on location throughout New England. We specialize in individual, family, and group portraits, corporate and product photography, LinkedIn headshots, senior portraits, maternity, newborn, and life-stage photography, holiday sessions, weddings, and more.

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