Generational Photography: Documenting Your Family Through Pictures

Ubiquitous smartphone cameras, and even apps such as SnapChat, have turned enduring timepieces into disposable photographs. And while these are accompanied by fun filters and quick pics, when revisited later in life, little is left in the way of memories or nostalgia.

Generational photography has become an invaluable part of families and family history. Professional portraits, or series of photographs, aren’t just for hanging on the wall. They are genuine heirlooms that can be far more telling than say (After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.)

Documenting Life as it Happens

Generational photography is the sequential chronicling of families. As the name suggests, it often involves having many generations of one’s immediate and extended family in a single photograph. However, this type of photography can also be used to capture images of a single individual over time as both a memento and an art form.

Thinking of generation photo ideas? Taking the same picture year after year (whether in the same location, pose, or even style of photography ie. black and white) can not only illustrate the aging process but also the growth and development of a person as they evolve over their lifetime.

Not all annual photos need be taken as identical though. Generational photography in and of itself is a scrapbook of a life and also includes capturing yearly milestones such as birthdays, holidays, senior portraits, graduations, and so forth.

Often times, we’re so caught up with trying to both live in the moment and capture the moment that inevitably something is sacrificed. Professional photography sessions that are either present for these events or are taken before/after is ideal for the preservation of memories and historical reference.

J&S Photography: The Generational Photography Experts

Assembling the family for generational photography can result in the ultimate time-lapse of a growth over the years. It’s an amazing illustration of maturation and change that takes place in both a family and an individual.

J&S Photography specializes in generational and annual portrait sessions. Whether in the studio or on location, we incorporate your ideas and collaborate to bring your vision to life. Learn about our life-stage sessions including newborn photography, cake smashes, senior portraits, and more. Contact us to learn why families trust J&S to deliver the high-quality images and sentimental pictures that tell your story.


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