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Let's face it, we all want to put a face with a name. Whether it is on a business card, LinkedIn, or a about section on a website a quality headshot is going to make you stand out. We have all seen headshots that are taken with a phone, have poor lighting, and simply don't scream professional. The headshot speaks for itself showing you are put together and a true professional.


Great headshots will show who you are in the greatest way imaginable. Professional and personable are two simple words that come to mind. When your headshot matches those words we have achieved that goal. Next is what kind of headshot says what do you do?




Headshots can come in different styles. Sometimes companies want a simple uniform look or maybe they need a flexible image that can be used as a overlay for marketing campaigns such as billboards, or print ads. Then maybe a simple white background or grey background might do the trick. These also work well for larger companies who want all of their employees to have a simple uniform look. We also see these types of headshots when you need something great for LinkedIn or on a business card.




Now let's kick things up a notch! Want something more personal? Why not have your headshot outdoors, in your office, on the job site, or just more dramatic. Our personal favorite headshot is just this type. On location and elevating who you are. We have photographed Dr's in their office, architects with plans laid out, musicians with their instruments, craftsmen showing their trade, and CEO's at their desk or in front of their building. Maybe you just want something more creative? Well we can do that too! Let's get outdoors and make your headshot interesting and stand out. Show that cookie cutter isn't for you or your clients


The first thing to do is reach out and get the ball rolling. We are more than willing to answer any additional questions. No question is silly! So don't be nervous! We will go over your goals and schedule the right session type for you.


Basic in studio headshots are a little faster and take about 15-20 minutes. On location sessions can last up to a hour. We will photograph you from different angles and for more in depth shoots we will change up our posing as well. We love to get a variety of images! Clients are also welcome to do a outfit change if they like as well. We also hair and makeup as a option as well, she is a fantastic makeup artist!


After the session we will pick out your favorite images. Simple in studio sessions pick out their images right after their shoot. More in depth sessions will have a separate time to go over images or we can offer online viewing as well. Once we have your favorites nailed down we do basic editing to each final image. Basic skin smoothing and blemish removal are part of our standard retouching. If you have any special editing requests please let us know.


Once the editing is complete you will receive a download link. The download link will contain the high resolution images that are ready to be used. The images are high resolution which also means a large file size. If you need help resizing a image for web use please let us know.

Two year rule

If your headshot is more than two years old, then it is time for a update. Everything changes over time and we must embrace the change. Clothing trends change, hair styles change, and you change. Obviously everyone wants to stay younger, but when you meet someone with a headshot that is so old that it doesn't look like them, then that is a problem. Not only is it out of date, but it just isn't you. We are all awesome, beautiful, handsome, and amazing at all stages of our lives!

Pricing and group rates

If you are looking for a individual headshot then the pricing below is for you. We do offer special pricing if you have a custom need or or discounted group rates corporations or organization who needs multiple people photographed. Fill out the form below, call, or email us and we can find a price point that fits your needs. Please feel free to ask any questions at all!

Basic in studio headshot session

- Simple and quick -

- Grey or White Background -

- Clean image for everyday use -

- 2 Retouched Digital Images -

Only $250

Additional Images $75 each per image.

Basic Outdoor Headshot Session or personalized studio session

- Simple and refreshing -

- Great Locations to choose from -

- Additional charge for extended distance -

- 2 Retouched Digital Images -

Only $450

Additional Images $75 each per image.

On location at your office or WORK SITE

- Editorial Style -

- Location of your choice -

- Killer stand out look -

- 2 Retouched Digital Images -

Only $550

Additional Images $75 each per image.

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