Senior Portraits

How do you want to be remembered?

Today’s senior portraits are more than just a yearbook photo. They tell the stories of athletes, dancers, artists, musicians, activists, and enthusiasts. Long after SnapChat, Instagram, and selfies fade into obscurity, these are the memories and narratives that will adorn the walls of family and friends’ homes for years to come.

So again, how do you want to be remembered?

While prom may be the highly anticipated event before graduation, it’s the senior portrait sessions that kicks off that momentous final year of high school. These photographs celebrate your individuality and speak volumes about the person you are. At J&S Photography our senior portraits and add-ons are anything but cookie-cutter. We prefer to capture your unique personality and style in your senior portraits. Accessorize with multiple outfit changes. Select the perfect location that captures your spirit and illustrates your character. Include family, besties, and even furry friends. Bring us your ideas. And we’ll share our expertise.

Whether you prefer to push the envelope with an edgy flair, or take a more traditional approach with an unconventional twist, J&S will make the vision of your senior portraits a reality.

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